Residential Alarm Systems

Home Electronics and Securitys

Home Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems

These systems are designed to detect intruders, smoke, heat or carbon monoxide (as well as panic and medical alert options) and signal the proper authorities. We feature both “Wireless” and Hard-wired Security Systems that allow us to provide the best system to suit our customers needs.

Wireless Systems Experts

We at Total Protection are able to offer a wide array or wireless options.

Why wireless? Wireless systems are reliable, convenient to operate, easily upgraded and expanded. They can even move with you to your next home. Instead of days and countless holes in your walls, wireless systems are neatly installed in hours, saving you annoying disruption. Wireless sensors can detect and report emergencies such as fire, flooding, freezing, carbon monoxide, natural gas or propane leaks – all without miles of wire rammed through your walls.

Total Protection employs highly trained technicians and staff who can find the best wireless solution and most reliable products for our customers.


Medical Alert Systems
These systems provide freedom for the physically restricted that allows them to stay in their own home. They are helpful, convenient systems that include water resistant emergency buttons, “No Activity” signaling and smoke and carbon monoxide detection. All this included in only one package!
Home Video Surveillance Systems
These systems are designed to display and record activity. Security cameras display on your home television and can be recording while you’re not at home. This may be accomplished with traditional analog equipment or the newer digital systems. Video systems can reduce theft and vandalism from both inside and outside sources.
Recreational Vehicle Security Systems
Feel safe while on the road. This system helps authorities locate your vehicle in case of medical emergencies, theft or fire. It works much like a security system in your home. but can track you vehicle wherever it goes.
Home Theater Wiring and Speakers
Enjoy the excitement of watching movies, sporting events, and TV shows with a custom designed Home Theater System. We design, install and service systems ranging in scale from one-room to entire homes. Let Total Protection help you design a system to meet your needs and connect yourself to the future of home entertainment.
Home Automation
Link your entire home, home theater, lighting, video monitoring, electronics and all your electrical appliances from your hot tub to your cooking equipment through a home automation system that meets your security, entertainment and daily living requirements.

















Top 6 Reasons Why People Own Home Alarm Systems

Many people feel reluctant to invest in a home alarm system because they don’t want to believe that the world is an insecure place. They continue to believe that the world is still like it was 50 years ago when people left their doors unlocked or hid their keys under the welcome mat. The fact is, however, that the rate of crimes, particularly of break-ins and home invasions, has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. Whether you want to believe it or not, the world is an insecure place and having a home alarm system could give you more security and peace of mind than denying that you need it ever would. Here are the top six reasons people invest in home security systems.


1. Protecting your home from theft.
The most obvious reason, prehaps, to have a home alarm system is to prevent theft. Your home is filled with assets, worldly possessions and expensive items. The things that are most often stolen are expensive electronics like computers, televisions, DVD players, laptops, cell phones and if possible cars. All of these things would be a major financial burden to replace.
2. Protecting your family.
Many people feel the need to more security as their families grow. Parents with kids, young and old, feel protective of their families. Having a home alarm system makes them feel an extra sense or security, especially as their kids grow older and spend more time at home alone. You can teach your children how to use the alarm system so that if they are home alone they can also feel safe and secure. It’s a great idea for parents and kids alike.
3. Protecting your identity.
Many cases of identity theft and fraud happen after break-ins. When criminals have the full range of your home they can go onto your computer, check online history, look at bank statements and important documents as well as find information about your credit cards. This puts all of your bank accounts at risk and could be potentially damaging to your credit score. Identity theft can ruin your financial standing and cause permanent irreversible damage.
4. Feeling secure and comfortable.
For many people, the worst part of a break in is the vulnerability it makes you feel afterward. It feels like a personal invasion when a stranger has rifled through your personal belongings, the place where you are supposed to always feel comfortable and safe. Once it’s been invaded it’s hard to feel that way about your home again. So why take the chance of opening yourself up to the stress and vulnerability that comes after a break in?
5. Protecting your home from damage.
When thieves try to break into your home they are often not careful with your things as they are trying to get in and out in a hurry. This leads to broken windows and doors, smashed locks, and general damage to your furniture. This kind of damage costs money to repair and if sentimental objects are destroyed in the process there are irreplaceable. Save your home from this kind of disrespect by investing in a home alarm system.
6. Managing your home.
With Z-wave technology built into the 2Gig Go! Control Panel you now have more options to manage your home with ease. Whether your at the keypad, on your computer or your smartphone you have access to manage your home and security with the touch of a button.